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Life in a House of Testosterone is my one-stop blog for everything that interests me.  Some days or weeks you may see more creative posts from me, other weeks you may find more thought-provoking essays (yes, I do tend to write a book when I do a blog post) and less of my creative side.

I formerly blogged at The Mad White Woman (which was my personal, things that interested me and daily life blog), TBK Designs (which was my all-things-creative blog), and at Starlite Blog Designs (my Blogger blog design service).  In 2011; however, it just got to be too much to keep up with them all and Life in a House of Testosterone was born.

I have a multitude of interests and causes that I am passionate about - as well as a love for creating digital beauty (such as Incredimail stationery, signature tags, wallpapers, various different freebies that others can use to create with as well) and all of those items will be found here.

To help you navigate around the blog, all of my creative work can be found under the Creative tab, and all my causes and blog posts can be found under the Blog tab.  In addition, I partner with various sponsors from time to time who offer giveaways to my readers - and you can find those under the Giveaways tab at the top.

I am rather *particular* about my affiliate programs - and only request to be a part of affiliate programs for companies that I have done business with and have trust in.  So please, if you would, take a moment to view some of the truly great deals that my affiliate sponsors have available for my readers if you are in the mood to do a little shopping!

There are various links around the site - in the menu at the top and in the footer at the bottom and throughout my sidebar areas - that provide additional insight into me, what this blog is about, and little tips and information that I think the blogging and design world might find helpful.  If you would like to see something featured here on the blog, just drop me a line at vapls at msn dot com and let me know!  If it is something that I can do - you can bet you'll find a post or two about it here!

Thanks for visiting and hope to see you back again real soon!

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