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Looking to find my top posts, favorite posts, or just general information like my Disclosure and Privacy Policies?  Here you will find links to pertinent information that you might need when visiting my site.

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Important Articles, Favorite Posts, etc.
  1. Freebies - previously, I showcased free items that I created using Photoshop or Paintshop Pro under this category.  In March 2012, I will be removing these items from the blog and making them available at My Creative Muse, my Tumblr blog for all my creative ventures.  This tab will still remain; however, it will now be geared more towards freebies that you can find online in the form of household items, discount coupons, clothing, children's items, etc.
  2. Reviews - there will be times when I will post a review of a product that I have either received for that express purpose or of a product that I myself have purchased and wish to provide a review on.  Here is where you will find those reviews.
  3. Causes - I am extremely passionate about a variety of causes that determine the future of our beloved planet. My interests encompass a variety of topics - from animal cruelty to bullying in schools and pretty much everything in between.  When I post about something that is near and dear to my heart, you will find it under the Blog category as well as under the Causes category.
  4. Giveaways - From time to time I will have the opportunity to be able to host a giveaway from one of our sponsors, and here is where you will find all of the latest giveaways and information about those giveaways.
  5. Richmond Local In the coming weeks, I will be moving everything from my "Creative" tab at the top of my blog and moving those items to My Creative Muse as it is a "specialty" interest if you will and I understand that not everyone who follows my blog does so for my creative abilities LOL!  In its place, you will find Richmond Local where I will be showcasing local events and happenings for families and children that are free or inexpensive.  I hope that once we open this new section of the LIAH blog that you will help spread the word! ( Updated 3/8/2012 )
This information will be updated as necessary.

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