Wednesday, February 15, 2012

New Look for LIAH!

I finally got my tail in gear and got the new look for Life in a House of Testosterone finished today!  Unfortunately, my IntenseDebate comments just disappeared and I don't really want to reinstall it as Blogger now has the same format that allows you to reply to comments made on the blog – so there is no reason for me to have it.  IntenseDebate, however, is revamping their comment import/export service so no idea when I will be able to get the older comments imported back into the blog – but they have been downloaded so that I can as soon as its available again.

I've been a busy gal with some great new artists from Artistic Dreams Imaging which I'll be showing off later on.  At the moment, we're headed out the door to take my poor little man, T., to see the doctor again.  His ear infection is apparently back in full force and he's been crying all day long off and on.  So hopefully Dr. C. can get him fixed up and rolling again, bless his heart.  I know how that feels – not fun.

Be back a bit later with some new creative genius from yours truly and an update on what's been going on in my neck of the woods!

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