Sunday, January 29, 2012

UPDATE–Followers Giveaway–Celebrate 2012!

(this post has been updated from the original posting at 2:36pm on 1/29/2012.  I inadvertently failed to mention our wonderful DADS out there as well – there are plenty of single fathers in the world and SAHDs too – so please don't think I've forgotten you – this is for YOU too!)

As stated on the original Followers Giveaway post, since we have NOT reached our goal of 200 followers by the end of January, we are extending the contest until 12:01 a.m. on February 14, 2012.  This is the FINAL contest date though folks!

As a mom parent, I know the way we think.    We always put our families above our own needs, wants, dreams, desires.  We empty the family bank account at Christmas time just to ensure that our kids have a wonderfully memorable holiday, we plan birthday parties months in advance, we agonize over spring break activities and peruse through summer camp brochures beginning in February.  We do everything within our power to make our children's lives as magical and memorable and happy as we possibly can.  What about you though?  When was the last time that you did a little something just for yourself?  This is for YOU, Mom Moms and Dads.  I know its not much, but this contest is for YOU – to do something for YOURSELF.  To put it towards that Fendi bag you are saving up for, the new fishing pole you want, or the new cellphone case, whatever it is you are pining after that will make life a little sweeter.  When the contest is over, and a winner is chosen, I want pictures of you spending your cash on something for YOU!   

Still haven't entered?  Well now is your chance!  Click here to go to the original contest post and get your entries submitted via Rafflecopter and leave your comment and let us know what you will do with the $20.12 you receive if you are chosen as the winner!

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